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How to Create an HSC Family Account 


Step 1: Click on ‘Family Sign-in‘ from the main menu, then select, ‘Sign Up’
All families are required to create an account if they wish to enroll in classes.

Step 2: Enter your Email and Create a Password

Step 3: Enter Parent Profile Information
Follow the steps and enter Primary Parent Information, Secondary Parent Information, and Emergency Contact Info. When completed, click on ‘Update Profile’ located at the very bottom of the page.

Step 4: Read and Agree to the Parent Releases
These include the Parent Liability, Media, Medical and Campus Safety Releases. Use your mouse to sign and click on ‘AGREE and Submit Signature’.

Step 5: Add a Student
You will be directed back to your Family Profile. Click on ‘Add Student’.

Step 6: Enter your student’s information and click ‘SUBMIT’.

Step 7: Read and Agree to the Student Releases
Read the Student Liability, Media, Medical and Campus Safety Releases.. Use your mouse to sign and click on ‘AGREE and Submit Signature’.

Step 8: Return to Family Profile
After the release has been signed, you will be automatically directed back to the Family Profile to add another student OR to enroll in classes.

Step 9: Add Another Student or View Students and Enroll in Classes
Here you may add another student. If there are no more students to be added to your account and you are ready to enroll in classes, you will be prompted to pay the annual $55 HSC/student program fee before proceeding. Once the transaction is processed, students will have access to enrolling in classes.

Carefully select the correct school year when paying the program fee.

The program fee is used towards but not limited to operating costs such as community development, special events, insurance, payroll costs, administration, website development, and subscription costs to run our student portals. 


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