April 13 – May 12

  • The $45 HSC Program Fee is waived.
  • Special Reduced Rates available for classes.
    (Contact your instructor for information and details)
  • This is an opportunity to have your non-homeschool friends to try out HSC classes

Please follow these simple directions to enroll in a class:

  • Go to the Spring 2020 Schedule
  • We Have over 500 classes. TO SEE ALL THE AVAILABLE CLASSES, scroll down to the bottom right corner and select “1000 per page.
  • Contact the instructor for the class you are interested in by clicking on “view Class Details” (located on the right side of the class listing)
  • Inquire with the instructor to determine the following:
    1. Is the class offered online?
    2. Is the instructor accepting additional students?
    3. Is there a curriculum you need to obtain?
    4. What is the discount rate for the class?
  • Instructors will personally enroll your student in the class so that $45 HSC Program Fee will be waived for the 6-week session.
  • Once the enrollment is completed, you will be given login information to the HSC Homework Portal for the weekly virtual classes.
  • The HSC website Spring 2020 schedule has the most accurate, up-to-date information but please be sure to browse our Homeschool Campus Facebook page for supplemental flyers regarding some of the online course offerings.


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