Please take a few moments to browse through our FAQs. You will find the answers to many of your questions listed here. Should your question not be addressed here, feel free to contact us.

General Information

Is HomeSchool Campus (HSC) a traditional school?

HSC is a unique alternative to a traditional school. We are a homeschool co-op catering to families who want an alternative to the traditional public school educational system or the expense of private schooling. We are the perfect fit for many families who want to homeschool but are not quite confident teaching all subjects at home. HSC assists parents by carefully selecting instructors who provide engaging and meaningful classes that guide your student through the academic learning process.

Is there a study room available?

Scheduled classes are given priority for the use of a room. Several of the campuses however have either outdoor shaded areas or a room that may be available from time-to-time for quiet study. 

How can I stay informed about new classes and special events at HSC?

HSC is a strong advocate of building community for homeschooling families. To become informed about new classes and different events offered throughout the year, please subscribe to our HSC Newsletter located on the main menu. You can also check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

How do you handle food allergies?

Some parents have expressed concern about allergies and the need for a site wide ban relating to certain nuts or other foods. Unfortunately, HSC cannot realistically manage this issue. HSC does not have exclusive control over the classrooms each week. Churches and other organizations not affiliated with HSC regularly use the space throughout the week and may or may not include food in their activities. Parents are encouraged to manage their children at all times, and be prepared to facilitate any medical attention their children may require due to an allergic reaction. Although food is generally prohibited in classrooms, the rule is not always adhered to by everyone, and parents often bring food to the campus for snacks and meals to consume outside the classrooms. Please keep in mind that HSC is not a school. HSC organizes and promotes vendors who are independent contractors for the benefit of the homeschooling community. If you have specific concerns about your student in a class, please contact the instructors directly to inform them of the issue and work through a plan that everyone is comfortable with.

Do you require volunteer hours?

Although at this time volunteer hours are not required, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Some of the help needed is:

  • Assisting the campus Site Facilitator with set up and tear down (if the campus requires it at the close of each day).
  • General cleanliness around the facility (disposing of any un-discarded trash and keeping the bathrooms and classrooms tidy).
  • Helping the site facilitator to plan our holiday campus events (including set up and clean up at the event).
  • Joining our HSC facebook groups and sharing our flyers through social media.
  • Any talents and gifts that will contribute to our community as we strive to build the best environment possible for our homeschool families.

Charter Affiliations & Info

Do I need to be a member of a charter school in order to attend classes at HSC?

No, you do not need to be a member of a charter school in order to attend classes at HSC. However if you are a member, your charter school may provide educational funding for the classes. To see the charter affiliation for each instructor:

  • Click on ‘view Class Details’ located on the schedule pages. This will take you to an instructor’s profile page.
  • Charter affiliations are posted at the bottom of each instructor’s profile page.
  • If your charter is not listed with an instructor, you make contact that instructor directly to ask him/her to complete a vendor application from your school.

Many of the instructors accept charter funds from: Inspire, Scale, iLead, Excel, Sage Oak, Elite Academy, Sky Mountain, and others, but to be sure, please follow the instructions pointed out above.

An instructor's profile on your website states that he accepts charter funds from my school, but I can't find him listed in my charter's vendor search?
  • Please note instructors may be listed by their personal name, or by a company name.
  • Click on ‘view Class Details’ located on the HSC schedule pages.
  • Scroll to “Vendor Name”. There you will see the name as listed in your charter’s vendor search.
I'd like to take some classes but the instructors don't list my charter as one of the schools that they accept charter funds from?
  • Contact the instructors directly and request that they complete an application to become an approved vendor by your charter school. Please note instructors are independent contractors and decide which charters to accept funds from.
  • To view instructor contact information, click on ‘view Class Details’ located on the HSC schedule pages. 

Grade Levels

What grade levels are taught at HSC?

HSC offers high caliber, academic classes for students in grades TK-12. Please note that a newly opened campus typically goes through the 9th grade. As the need and community grows, it is the intention of HSC to offer classes through the 12th grade at each site.

May a student enroll in a class that is different than his/her current grade level?

Yes. The posted grade indicates the level at which the course will be taught. For classes with a grade range, instructors typically “teach up” to the highest grade that is listed. To determine if the course will be appropriate for a younger or older student, please contact the instructor directly.


Are classes one or two semesters in duration? And how many sessions (classes) are in a semester?

Some classes are one semester only and some meet for the entire school year. This information can be found by going to the “Class Schedules” page and then by clicking on the “View Class Details” link, which is located on the right side of each individual class listing. Each semester meets for a total of 16 sessions.

If a class is a year long class (Algebra, for example), will I need to enroll my student for the 2nd semester as well?

As a courtesy to all 1st semester students who are properly enrolled through the HSC website, HSC will roll-over all 1st semester students into their same classes for 2nd semester. These students will have approximately one week to “dis-enroll” if they do not wish to continue with a course for 2nd semester. Enrollment will be open to the public approximately 5 days after 1st semester students have been rolled-over.

Do classes meet once or twice a week?

Most classes meet once a week.

Where do I find the tuition for a class?
  • Go to “Class Schedules” on the main menu.
  • Select a campus, then select a day of the week to see the schedule for that day.
  • Select the class you are interested in and click on “view Class Details”.
  • Scroll down to the section where the class tuition is listed.
Who do I contact if I have a question, comment or concern about any of the classes?

Questions regarding the classes can be directed to the individual instructors. Contact information is provided on the “Instructors” pages accessed through the main menu.

Do core classes like math, science, language arts and social studies satisfy curriculum for those subject areas?

HSC makes every effort to bring quality courses to our learning centers and we make every effort to ensure classes such as math, science, language arts and social studies are rigorous and would compare to classes at the same grade level. If you have specific questions about the curriculum or standards we recommend you reach out to the instructor directly. Instructor contact information is located by clicking on “view Class Details” next to the class title that you have an inquiry about. During the summer months some of the instructors travel so we recommend reaching out both by phone and email.

May a student enroll in a class that has already started?

Yes. Please contact the instructor to insure that there is still space available and to prepare for the student’s first day. The cost of the class due to an instructor is between each student and that instructor. HSC does not handle the collection of any class fees.

Is my student required to attend both days?

Classes are a-la-carte and how many a student should take is at the discretion of the parent based on the needs of the individual student.

The class shows there are still seats available but why am I not able to enroll in the class?

Due to our computer system there is a rare case in which a class indicates there are seats available but you are not given the option to enroll. This happens when a class already has a waitlist going, and days later a student with a reserved seat drops the class. When this occurs, our system does not automatically move students from the waitlist into the class. The process requires our admin to manually move the first student on the waitlist into the newly opened seat. If you see a class that says it has open spaces but you cannot enroll, the best course of action is to add yourself to the waitlist and contact the instructor directly. The instructor can then have students moved up off the waitlist and give you an idea of what you can expect for your child.

Will I be notified if my child gets into a class where he/she is on a waitlist?

When HSC staff moves a child from the waitlist to regular enrollment, we inform the instrucor and ask that the instructor sends a welcome email. Please check your inbox for emails from the instructor. You can also log into your family account at www.homeschoolcampus.org and click on “enrolled classes” to see your list of enrolled classes.

How long will my child need to be on a waitlist before something might open up?

There is no way to determine when or if a spot will open in the regular enrollment class. When spaces are available in the class we move students as quickly as possible. It is always a best practice to add yourself to the waitlist for any class you would be interested in taking. In many cases an instructor will decide to allow 1 or 2 extra students in the class if there is a waitlist. At some campuses there is also the possibility that an insturctor will open a new version of the class at a different time, which may free up space in the class.

New to HSC?

How do I register and enroll my student in classes?

Registering and enrolling in a class is accessed only through the HSC website. Each NEW family must create a Family Account in order to register and enroll in classes. Registration instructions are provided here. 

Families who are NEW to HSC and have never set up an account:

  1. Click on ‘Sign-in/Create an Account’ on the main menu at the top of the website.
  2. Select ‘Family Sign-in’.
  3. Click on ‘Sign up as a Family’ at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts.

HSC Requirements

What are the requirements to participate in classes at HSC?

Your student may participate in classes offered at HSC if you:

  • Pay the non-refundable $55/student program fee through the HSC website. The program fee covers an entire school year and allows your student to take courses through any HSC venue, including both live-online courses and on-site locations simultaneously.
  • Sign our releases.

The program fee is used towards but not limited to, facility maintenance, community development, special events, insurance, payroll costs, administration, website development, and subscription costs to run our student portals. 

Is my student required to take a full schedule?

There is no minimum nor maximum number of classes that a student is required to take. We are often referred to as a “Junior College for Kids”, where classes are a-la-carte. Class selections are at the discretion of the parent based on the needs of the individual student.

Am I required to stay on campus with my student(s)?

Please understand that you, the parent, bears the ultimate responsibility for your student, his/her education, and his/her safety around the campus. We provide a Site Facilitator for the sake of organization and oversight but she is not able to supervise student rotation between classes. Please be considerate in realizing that a child left unattended may at times be disruptive to other instructors and students who are in class. We ask that you partner with us to keep the campus running smoothly and successfully. For further inquiries regarding this subject matter, please send your inquiry by clicking on ‘Contact Us, General Support’.


Does HSC accept charter funds and/or private funds to pay for classes?

HSC does not handle the collection of any class tuition. Tuition is between the parent and the instructors. Our instructors accept charter funds, private funds, or both (e.g. a student runs out of charter funds mid-way).

  • Paying Privately: Please contact the instructor directly for payment arrangements.
  • Paying using charter funds: Please contact your charter for arrangements and note the following:

All purchase orders from charters should be made out to each individual instructor, not HSC. For instructor charter affiliation:

  • Select “Instructors” from the main menu at the top of the website.
  • Select a campus.
  • Click on the instructor’s name.
  • Charter affiliations are posted at the bottom of each instructor’s profile page.
  • If your charter is not listed with an instructor, you make contact that instructor directly to ask him/her to complete a vendor application from your school.

Many of the instructors accept charter funds from: Inspire, iLead, Excel, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, and others, but to be sure, please follow the instructions pointed out above.

If using charter funds to pay for a class, can my student enroll in classes before my charter funds become available?

YES. To hold your student’s spot in any class, we suggest enrolling at the onset of the enrollment opening date. Each class has a maximum number of students and seat availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. AFTER it is confirmed that your student is enrolled in a class, you will give the enrollment information to your charter facilitator (for classes that begin in September, this is usually sometime in August). It’s at this time that a purchase order will be created and submitted to each individual instructor. HSC does not handle any tuition. Tuition is paid directly to each individual instructor.

Does the class tuition listed on the schedule cover one semester or an entire school year?

Class tuition is for one semester (16 weeks). 

Is an instructor's tuition refundable?

Tuition refunds are at the full discretion of each individual instructor. If the minimum number of students for a class is not met, the instructor for that class will contact you to discuss the options. HSC does not mediate refunds between students and their instructors.

Our Policy

Our Policy

HSC’s primary purpose is to inform the public about homeschool classes and venues that may provide parents support in educating their children. HSC does not employ, direct, supervise or manage instructors. HSC is not a landlord or tenant at any venue. HSC is not a party to any implied or express contract between any parent, instructor nor venue operator.

The parent should not infer that HSC has:

  • Screened any instructor or any venue agent.
  • Thoroughly reviewed or approved course materials.
  • Made any determination regarding the safety of any venue.

The instructors are live scanned through charter schools and become approved with the individual charters. It is the charter’s job to vet the vendor. It is the parent’s job to ensure that the student has an interest in the material and a rapport with the instructor. As such, it is the responsibility of every parent and/or guardian to verify whether the class, the instructor and the venue are appropriate and safe for the student.


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